Overcome Smartphone Addiction

You know what really hurts my feelings? When I’m trying to have a conversation with someone and they won’t stop looking at their phone. Is it really so hard to put it down or look away for just a few minutes and listen to what I am saying? Yes, people say, it is. Millions of Americans are addicted to their phones and they may not even know it. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome smartphone addiction.

How to fight addiction

            We have become dependent on our smartphones. We use our smartphones as maps, alarms, cameras, T.V.s, credit cards, step trackers, recipe books, flashlights, tickets to shows and movies, tickets for trains and planes, calculators, remote controls, video game consoles, calendars, and most importantly, for communication. I know the first thing I do every morning is turn off my phone alarm and check the weather using the weather app. Next I watch Netflix on my phone while getting ready. I use my phone to stay in constant contact with my parents, friends, and boyfriend. I also use it for many different forms of social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I know it would be impossible for me to get anywhere new without using Google maps. This may seem like a lot, but I am nothing compared to some people. Teens use Snapchat every single day to post stories and send pictures to their friends. The app even keeps a ‘streak’ going for people who snap more than three days in a row and people have streaks that last longer than a year.

            No one talks about the devastating effects that smartphone addiction can have on your health. It can not only make it harder for you to have face to face conversations, it also can hurt your eyes and constant smartphone use is also speculated to cause cancer. It hurts your back, your wrists, and can damage your nerves.

Fighting addiction

            Fighting smartphone addiction can be extremely hard. Patients often experience withdrawal that is similar to those who are going through drug detoxes. It can cause mental health problems as well. It can cause extreme anxiety and depression in some people. It is important to fight smartphone addiction because at some point in our lives you will not have access to a phone for a period of time, and we have to learn how to live without it. You can lose it or you could lose signal.

Online addiction support groups

            Many people find it helpful to visit addiction education resources, or join online addiction support groups for their smartphone addiction. It is easy to find an online forum with tips and ideas on how to combat your urges. You can remain anonymous and you also have access 24/7. In an online support group there is no judgement and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. You can also help others with things you have done to help fight your addiction.

Best way to overcome addiction

            There are many ways to overcome smartphone addiction. Start easy and before you know it, you’ll be able to go without even thinking about your phone for long periods of time. Delete any apps that are cluttering your phone. Try to get rid of all games. Turn off your notifications, or start putting in on do not disturb during the day and night time. Leave your phone in your room if you are going to eat dinner so you aren’t tempted to use it while eating. Listen to music on your T.V. or computer instead of your phone. Read a paper newspaper instead of reading off the news apps. Stop using your phone in bed. This is a key part of your recovery. I know that I often will spend hours lying in bed playing on my phone.

       Soon your smartphone addiction will be a thing of the past. Warning: you may start to realize how much other people are on their phones and constantly critique them about it. But it’s a small price to pay for better health and maybe they will try fighting their addiction as well.

            Addiction is not just heroin junkies and alcoholics, like how it is portrayed on T.V and in movies. Addicts can be anyone. Are you an addict? Ask yourself these questions:

·       Do you get nervous or anxious if your phone starts to die?

·       Do you use your phone and social media to escape from other problems in your life?

·       Do you get in trouble for using your phone at work or in class a lot?

·       Do you get angry when you aren’t able to use your phone?

If you do or feel any of these, you may be suffering from smartphone addiction. Help is out there. Seek it now and be on the track to a healthier life by the end of the day.


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