Rapid Opioid Detox

Rapid opioid detox

Dear Lauren,

            Unfortunately I have suffered from opioid addiction for several years. Six years ago I broke my back in a boating accident and after weeks of surgery I was finally released from the hospital. After getting home I started to experience severe pain. Over-the-counter drugs just did not cut it. My wife warned me of the dangers of taking prescription pain medicine. I did not care; I was just in too much pain. My doctor prescribed me a strong dose of Vicodin. Eventually the pain left but my need for the pills increased. I was taking up to ten pills a day at my worst. Since then I have attempted to get sober three times. Each time the withdrawal is the worst pain I have ever had to endure in my life. Less than a week in, I relapse because I cannot take the physical and mental pain that it puts my body through. I would have diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, body aches and pains, anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. All day long I would think about Vicodin and just taking one more pill, until I would eventually have to leave work.

            My opioid addiction has torn my family apart. I have lost my job and all of my friends. Soon I will be homeless. I know that millions suffer from addiction, but I do not understand how anyone can recover. The pain is too much for me. Is there any way to do a rapid opioid detox? I am willing to try just about anything. I am done letting my addiction lead my life and I am ready to accept the help I need. I want to fix my life rather than break it more.


“Looking for Change”

Accelerated opioid detox

Dear “Looking for Change,”

            It seems as though you are almost at your rock bottom. It is good that you are seeking help now before it is too late. Fortunately recovery is possible and you can easily and quickly get back on the track to putting your life together. Accelerated opioid detox is possible with a new device called the Bridge. The Bridge is a device recently cleared by the FDA for opioid withdrawal pain management. It helps people to complete the detox process by reducing the pain associated with withdrawal. This device is attached to your earlobe and lets out a small nerve stimulator that will alleviate your pain. This process is done easily and is painless.

Opioid withdrawal symptoms and Pain management

            Many addicts are unable to finish the detox process due to not being able to handle the pain. Addiction is not an easy thing to beat and often it takes several tries to fully defeat. There are many other practices that you can incorporate into your detox to help aid with and decrease opioid withdrawal symptoms and pain management. Try looking into holistic forms of care as well to try in addition to using the Bridge device. You can try yoga, hiking, essential oils, massage, or acupuncture. You can also seek non-dangerous, non-addictive medication from your doctor. You may be suffering from an underlying mental illness that fuels your addiction. Just in case, you should see a psychiatrist and have them evaluate you. Anxiety medication can aid in restlessness, insomnia, anxious feelings, and depression.

            It is amazing that you are seeking help again. It takes a very strong person to admit they need professional help. Your strength will carry you through the detox process and the Bridge device is meant to help you with the pain. It will not cure your addiction, but it will help with most pain associated with withdrawal. You do not need to go through the vomit and the sickness again. This time it will be much easier and you can take the detox time to get the true help you need.

Best of Luck,


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