Benefits of Yoga for Men

Addiction and Depression Help

Dear Lauren,

            I am writing to you for advice on how to help my husband with his addiction recovery. He recently got clean from an addiction to alcohol that lasted over five years. It nearly tore us apart, and we are doing much better now. He has been suffering from depression since he was a teen and the doctors believe that his lack of treatment led to him self-medicating with alcohol later on in life. What are ways that my husband can stay sober now that he is done with his detox? He said he will try something new if it means preventing a relapse. He is really not into conventional and traditional medicine and one of his friends mentioned that he should look into holistic care.


“A supportive wife”

Dear “A supportive wife,”

            I am very glad to hear that your husband is on the track to becoming a well-balanced individual again. It can be very difficult to stay sober after finally getting clean but there is one way that he can learn relapse prevention coping skills so there is a small risk of him ever turning back to alcohol. You may have heard of it. It is called yoga.  Society has wrongly attached a feminine stigma to doing yoga. Is there any reason why men cannot enjoy all the benefits for men that come along with doing yoga? No, there is not, and men need to begin to embrace this ancient practice if they want to utilize it for all of the positive effects.

Staying Sober After Detox

         Your husband can use yoga as a release in his body. It can balance his mind, body, and spirit. It creates flexibility in a person and opens up their core. It is considered a form of exercise and can be done inside or outside. Yoga can bring a person to inner peace, and decrease their urge to turn back to harmful substances. It can be the thing that separates a person from staying clean and a relapse. It encourages not putting anything damaging in your body and being relaxed.

Relapse Prevention Coping Skills

            Activities such as yoga can help men in ways that prevent a relapse. It increases a man’s sex drive, which can lead to more happiness in his life. If your husband has been suffering from depression I have more good news. It can help to heal depression and its symptoms. Yoga is an amazing form of holistic treatment therapy for addicts that shows plenty of success in both men and women.

            Yoga for men can have a positive impact on self-esteem and anxiety. Yoga provides a quiet place for a person to be alone with their thoughts, or even have nothing in their mind at all. This can be key for addicts that want to avoid a relapse because it can calm them down and reduce the need for other things such as alcohol to numb problems. It can decrease pain or numbness in his body, as well as boost his immune system and strengthen his bones. It even can lower his blood sugar. It not only can prevent a relapse, it can improve his health overall. The real question you should be asking is, why haven’t we started sooner?

            There are many other fun activities your husband can try to remain sober. He can take up a hobby such as crafting, woodworking, or collecting. If he is into the outdoors encourage him to go on runs, walk, go hiking, and go camping. He can learn new things such as how to cook or build something and he can hang out with friends and family members in safe, non-dangerous situations.

Sober Mentoring Program

            There are many ways that your husband can get help if he is struggling with staying clean and sober. There are sober mentoring programs, Alcoholics anonymous, and rehab centers that he can join. If you are really looking for something easy for him to begin, yoga is a great place to start.

            Yoga encourages self-care and can be done in the comfort of your own home. If you are at home you may want to purchase a yoga mat, some candles, and music that is good for relaxing. There are many YouTube videos out there that give yoga tutorial at any length and level of difficulty. If you want to try going to an actual yoga place, there is a lot you can expect. It can be costly, but there are memberships and coupons you can look for online.

            A yoga studio is often dimly lit. There could be essential oils being diffused into the room, candles lit, or incense burning. Classes range from being very crowded and empty, depending on the time of day you decide to go. Teachers will sometimes have statues to pay tribute to the ancient origins of yoga or have hanging decorations. Sometimes yoga studios will have mirrors on their walls so you can watch yourself. Overall, you and your husband can work up to whatever feels most comfortable for you.

Best of Luck,


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