Chemical Imbalance

Doing drugs can have many negative side effects in your body. College brings on many temptations to test out and experiment with drugs. As a result, students tend to self-medicate as a form of stress management. These can result in dangerous repercussions, as all drugs effect the chemicals in your brain in one form or another. Students may not aware of the awful long-term effects that taking drugs at a young age can have on a person’s body and brain, or simply don’t care. Substance abuse can lead to addiction, and then only some addicts get proper care from an addiction recovery center.

         Addiction recovery centers are key in getting sober. They have more tools at their disposal that you do just as an individual. In rehab centers, trained professionals can provide cutting edge strategies for getting clean.

Substance abuse

            Xanax is a commonly misused prescription medication. People will take it when they drink to increase their level of intoxication. Xanax is highly addictive and highly accessible. Most people my age that go rehab go for Xanax abuse. It is glamorized by the media, music, and friends. Celebrities, adults, and young children are all becoming addicted to Xanax rapidly.

            Ecstasy is a drug commonly used for partying. It is used at concerts, and also in casual settings. More people are starting to use Molly, a different form of it. It can cause euphoria and hallucinations.

            Once you go away to college, you see that a lot more people do cocaine than you would think. People use it to stay up longer and become wide awake while partying. It makes people aggressive and scary. Coke is highly addictive and used in parties, bars, sports games, and so much more.

            Alcohol is a drug. Many people are not aware of this, or think because alcohol is legalized that it must be harmless. Alcohol is highly addictive, and it is very easy to get alcohol poisoning. College kids are dying from alcohol poisoning each year. Alcohol can lead to violence, fighting, assault, sexual assault, theft, and legal problems. Alcohol also can lead to a terrible binge crash cycle.

Drug comedown

         The morning after drinking is not a pretty sight for anyone involved. Hangover symptoms include headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and so much more. After a night of drinking, all people want to do is lay in bed, nap, and watch T.V. Hangovers are not the worst of it all.

            LSD has a major drug comedown the next day. I have seen people take LSD for fun and spend the whole next day in bed. This is not an average hangover. This is that times ten. It can also last longer than a day. I have heard of people getting stuck in ‘acid trips’ for weeks at a time and ending up in the hospital. Stay away from this drug at all costs.

A drug comedown can be very dangerous to witness. A person may become aggressive, upset, or have an anxiety attack. You need to make sure the person remains calm and does not injure themselves or anyone else. They may be unstable or go into a dark depressive state.

Drug withdrawal

            When people have to go through drug withdrawal, it can be very painful. It is best to have anyone who is addicted to drugs be committed to a drug addiction rehab center where they can safely go through withdrawal and drug detoxing. It can include severe pain and sickness, and there needs to be a medical professional present to prevent injury or death. It is an uncommon fact that you can indeed die from drug withdrawals.

            Many people who struggle with addiction are afraid to come out and ask for help. If your friend is addicted, you need to make sure you do not enable or encourage their drug use, but also show them you are a safe person to come to for help. Addicts will blame themselves for their problems and feel awful. Make sure they know how much you care about them and their recovery.

Drug detox

         Getting and remaining clean can be very hard for people. The drug detox process is long and it takes hard work and commitment. Sometimes a complete drug detox is necessary for a person to remain alive.

            When it is a life or death situation, we want our loved one to live. By learning ways to help an addict, you could be the difference in their life. You could be the one that saves their life.

It is not easy to confront a friend or family member when you think they have a problem. They are most likely in denial and will try to shut you out. Do not give up on them because you know they would not give up on you. Get them help and get it as soon as you can.

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