Chemical Imbalance

Doing drugs can have many negative side effects in your body. College brings on many temptations to test out and experiment with drugs. As a result, students tend to self-medicate as a form of stress management. These can result in dangerous repercussions, as all drugs effect the chemicals in your brain in one form or […]

Teen Mental Health

Teenagers are rarely thinking about their physical or mental health. Unfortunately decisions that you make at a young age can affect your health for the rest of your life. It is important for teenagers to be aware of how to properly deal with any mental health issues that arise. Without the proper tools for treatment, […]

Workplace Health

            Some people will say they refuse to work in a cubicle. People call them coffins, jail cells, farms, boxes, and cages. Many do not know the advantages that come with working in an office. You acquire respectable time management skills and it encourages talking and working with fellow coworkers. The inevitable truth is that […]