Handling Negative Social Media

Social media

            In my life I have felt a strong urge many times to tweet or make a Facebook status about a company to express my anger about their product or their customer service. As a student that works in customer service I know a lot of the times it is not the workers fault, and I let that guide me out of making it into a bigger deal. Others are not so fortunate. Obviously by looking online you can see thousands of people complain to companies via social media all the time. When you create a social media account for your product or service, expect to be bombarded with complaints. People want to complain on social media because they know companies want to respond quickly and nicely to project a positive image of their brand.

            In order to have proper brand management you may have to hire someone else. When you receive a complaint on social media, there is a set of guidelines that that I recommend following. Answer quickly because the longer you make the customer wait, the angrier they will get. Always ask them to message you privately. That way you can take the argument off of social media and you can get more information about the situation. Never get into a heated argument or conversation with anyone over social media. It will look bad to current and prospective clients.

            Once you get the client to message you privately, make sure to start off by apologizing. The customer will be convinced they are right, and in order to keep them as a customer, you want them to know how sorry you are that they had a bad experience. If they are truly upset, offer them a free gift, discount, or a full refund. This way, they may be happy enough to express their love for your company on social media, or delete their previous negative comment.


            Social media trolls are a very unique breed of user that scours along the bottom of the internet. They serve mainly to stir up arguments and create controversy online. They thrive off of attention and will talk with anyone who will even give them a second of their time. They want other people to seem ignorant on the internet. They will often try to get the attention of companies on social media to have a bigger audience.

            There is one surefire way to deal with internet trolls. And that is to troll them right back. Many companies will respond with humor to trolls and their tweets will go viral. This in turn will give those tweets lots of retweets and favorites, as well as increase the companies brand recognition. It can lead to an increase in followers. Followers are important because they will be able to see if you are having sales, promotions, or giveaways. They also may be entertained to see you “clap back” at trolls and get a kick out of it.

Good PR

            Sometimes, a regular PR professional may not be equipped to handle proper brand management over social media. In this case you can hire others that will be able to focus purely on social media branding and dealing with keeping a positive image online.

            Good PR is key to maintaining a growing business. Marketing is an extremely diverse market to tackle, and that is why hiring the best of the best can make your job so much easier.

Brand management

            By now you’ve heard from everyone that it is important to manage the “brand” of your company. What is that brand? It is not just the product but the people, ideas, values, quality and associations that come to mind when a person thinks of your business. A large way to get your brand out there in a positive way is using social media.

            Your brand image is the most important part of your business. You would think it is quality, but studies have shown that people stick with their brand.

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