Exercise for Recovery

There is an old saying that Mom is always right. If at first you do not succeed, try it the way your mom told you to do it in the first place. My mother always told me that exercise is the best form of medicine. It boosts your body as well as your mind. It promotes better sleep and can be entertaining. It rejuvenates you, gives you more energy, and can be used in combination with other treatments to combat a deeper illness.

            You can use exercise for recovery from addiction to substances. There are many ways for using exercise along with other forms of treatment to get sober faster and easier. Using exercise for recovery is one of the many ways that unique rehab centers will cater to the needs of their clients.

            Personally, I exercise to stay in shape and maintain a body that I am comfortable living in. Some people exercise because they want to change their body image, and some exercise purely for the way it makes them feel. Exercise can be used for so many things, and addiction recovery is just one of them.

Addiction recovery

            Addiction is a slippery slope to be on, and addiction recovery is a long and winding road to go down. When recovering from a substance abuse problem, exercise can help you in many ways. Training can replicate the high that you get from drugs, fight unpleasant symptoms, and build self-confidence.

            Many people believe that a 12-step program is not enough to help with addiction recovery. This is where holistic and alternative care can come into play. When used in combination with conventional medical techniques, holistic care can help aid with the painful process of withdrawal and getting sober.

            Exercise is a main tool used by holistic care centers in helping people overcome addiction. There are activities such as hiking, biking, walking, running, yoga, tai chi, and so many more easy practices that can be incorporated into your addiction recovery.

Substance abuse

            No matter your age, race, gender, ethnicity, social or economic class you are vulnerable to substance abuse. Whether it be alcohol, street drugs, or prescription drugs, harmful substances find a way into your life and threaten the chemical balance of your mind and body.

            From CEOs to college kids, no one is safe. Drugs and alcohol will infiltrate your community, and you may feel pressured to join in. Some people are strong enough to say no, but others find themselves abusing substances regularly. These people need to seek out treatment for substance abuse before it is too late. Addiction can ruin relationships, careers, and lives. It can lead to early death, or a number of health problems.

Holistic recovery

            Holistic recovery is a major part of addiction recovery from substance abuse. Holistic recovery can include a number of things. Along with exercise, it can include acupuncture, using essential oils, and massage. Rehab does not have to be the painful experience that is portrayed on T.V. and movies.

            My favorite way to exercise is hiking. This past weekend my roommate and I drove five and a half hours to camp along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. Not only were the views breathtaking and unforgettable, I felt exhausted and euphoric at the same time by the end of every hike. The quiet sounds of nature mad it easy for me to find peace of mind and relax. I enjoyed seeing animals in their natural habitat, and it helped me center my sense of place in this world.

            To achieve this bliss you do not need to necessarily drive five and a half hours as I did. Hiking does not require woods or a forest. My parents, each year on their anniversary hike the Grand Canyon. My brother and his friends drive thirty minutes to Great Falls and hike the waterfall. Each state has its own gems and it just takes a little bit of research and luck to find a perfect spot to hike at.

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