Binge Drinking

            We drink when we are happy. We drink when we are sad. We drink when we are angry. We drink when we are nervous. We pop champagne bottles to celebrate new beginnings. We shotgun beers to celebrate sports teams wins. We “slap the bag” of wine to show off our tolerance and drinking abilities to our friends. We do keg stands to prove that we can even drink upside down.

            College students are at an extremely high risk to be participating in binge drinking. That is drinking a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time to become inebriated. There is loads of drinking on college campus’ mainly on sports teams and with Greek Life organizations.

Alcohol abuse

            People can use alcohol to cope with stress or a trauma in their lives. People will abuse alcohol in many ways, including participating in binge drinking and mixing alcohol with drugs. Often young people will drink alcohol to become more socially “loose” and make more friends.

            In moderation, alcohol can be drunk with friends and be used to have a good time. But there is a thin line between causal and binge drinking. In colleges there are parties and bars with endless alcohol. People are drinking on and off campus. Vodka has become very cheap and very accessible to college students. Young people will mix hard liquor with beer and wine, which can lead to alcohol poisoning and sickness.

            There are many “drinking games” that encourage binge drinking. In college there is a positive stigma attached to drinking and blacking out is seen as funny and cool. People will wake up missing large chunks of their memory after blacking out.

            Kids from all over the United States are dying in their first year of college after being forced to binge drink. Parents are filing lawsuits against schools and Greek life organizations and it is costing them millions.

Effects of long term alcoholism

            There are many negative effects of long term alcoholism. Getting drunk can lead to injury, severe hangovers, and legal consequences.  I know too many people who have been arrested for urinating in public, resisting arrest, using a fake ID, public intoxication and assault and fighting.

            It can also damage a person’s job, finances, relationships with loved ones, and so many more aspects of their life. Drinking can lead to poor decision making, sexual assault, and even death. Trouble with the law can lead to jail time, fines, probation, or community service.

Alcohol withdrawal

            After consuming alcohol frequently for a long period of time, your body will begin to crave it, and you will begin to feel as though you cannot function without it. You will go through withdrawal. If you do not get a drink, your body will go through painful suffering.

            There are many ways to approach getting clean and sober. Some people try Alcoholics Anonymous and try a 12 step program. Others try cold turkey rehab and medications. For those who cannot find a solution in any of these, there are rehab centers that focus on a holistic approach to getting sober. These centers will help you become equipped with the skills needed to never turn back to alcohol again. 

Health consequences

            There are endless negative health consequences to drinking alcohol. It can lead to liver and heart failure, and it causes permeant brain damage. There is a common saying that someone, “Drank themselves to death.” Alcoholism can and will lead to early death.

            Those who are alcoholics do not have proper ways to handle stress and trauma in their lives, and therefore reach for a bottle. If you think that you or a loved one suffers from alcoholism, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Binge drinking can be stopped, and it starts with the public becoming more informed of its dangers. College students need to learn the negative impacts it has on their mental, emotional, and physical health.

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  1. from the moment my parents told me that alcohol kills brain cells I never touched the stuff. I really like your effects of alcohol graphic. Do you have a high quality copy of it so I can print it out and frame it to show to the youth group I work with?
    Thanks Mark

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