Essential oils and Aromatherapy

              What is this trendy new practice of using essential oils and aromatherapy in the home as a form of alternative medicine? It might surprise you to hear that aromatherapy has been a form of holistic therapy in many countries for centuries. There are many ways one can incorporate essential oils into their lives.

Peaceful meditation

              We all want to be able to participate in peaceful mediation occasionally to help with our overall sense of wellbeing. Five essential oils specifically aid in lessening the pressure of your meditation. These include Frankincense, Neroli, Myrrh, Vetiver, and Sage. These oils can be used with your practice by either rubbing them, safely, on your skin, or using an oil diffuser to mist them into the air.

Oil diffuser

              Oil diffusers can be found at many common store, and small glass vials can be purchased as well to go inside the diffuser. I have found that stores such as Home Goods and TJ Maxx will sell very cheap diffusers, and they are very aesthetically pleasing. By having these oils released into the air, you will in turn have a calmer mind and body.

              What I have found is that lavender helps the best with creating a calm mind and getting one ready for sleep. When I was younger, my mom used to spray lavender essential oil mixed with water onto my pillow so I would have an easy, blissful sleep. If you are on a budget, you can do this instead of purchasing an oil diffuser and the only downside is that you cannot just have it spray for long periods.

              Essential oils can also come in the forms of lotions and massage oils, so that you can apply it to your body and absorb the oils through your skin. Always make sure you check the ingredients before putting anything on your body, and ask a doctor if you are unsure how it will react to your skin if you have sensitivity problems.

              As crazy and far out as it seems, you can even smoke essential oils. A brand named Monq creates these small electronic smoking pens filled with flavored essential oils to promote a healthy mind a spirit. There are specific ones with names such as Zen, Happy, Active, Healthy, and much more. They also have nature essential oils to smoke such as Ocean, Forest, and Mountain. They use oils such as ginger, vanilla, and lemon to create a perfect combination for you.

Spiritual practice

              Many people will incorporate aromatherapy into their spiritual practices. Having essential oils in the air can calm people down, as well as create a more relaxing environment. Since essential oils come from plants, it can also help in connecting one back with the Earth. 

Holistic therapy

              There are hundreds of different ways that one can use essential oils as a form of holistic therapy. Rehab centers can use aromatherapy as a non 12-step approach to getting over drug and alcohol addiction. Aromatherapy can aid in emotional and physical healing as well as give patients a form of stress relief to utilize once they are home.

              Essential oils can also help with arthritis, depression, hormone imbalance, digestive problems, weight loss, getting rid of cellulite, menopause, and cold sores. It heals scars, acts as a natural sedative and stimulant, can be used purely for deodorizing, to hydrate skin, combat allergies, fight off bacteria, and boost your immune system. There are hundreds of other ways essential oils can help heal a person and take the place of, or be used with conventional medicine.

Stress management

              Still feeling overwhelmed? There are many other easy ways you can relax and manage your stress from home. You can do yoga, or some other type of stretching exercise. You can take a bath and read a book or listen to music. You can get a journal and write down your worries and problems, or meet with friends for tea or a non-caffeinated drink. You can also get some good old TLC from your animals if you have any.

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