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Do you ever wonder how some people can get so many likes on Instagram? You may think to yourself, there’s no way this person knows ten thousand people, and there’s no way ten thousand people really went out of their way to like this post. Odds are, you’re right. Many people will use black hat SEO tactics to gain followers and likes on Instagram. These can include paying for followers, using bots to fake engagement on their page, and much more.

For more information, check online about ways that people abuse Instagram for their own personal gain.

Instagram is trying to curb any black hat SEO tactics, and they are starting to get somewhere. They did a sweep of any spam accounts, and they will kick off and ban any users that they feel broke the terms and conditions they agreed to when signing up for the app. This gets rid of accounts that you may have paid a lot of money to get them to follow you. Either way, it is better in the long run to use ethical tactics to boost your company, moneywise and ethically. You and your business can pair with a more ethical company that can use white hat tactics such as high quality content posting to boost your following on Instagram.

Instagram Influencers


I once attempted to become a brand ambassador for a clothing company because I saw it advertised on my Facebook feed. I wanted to be an Instagram influencer like people I had seen on my explore page. After signing up I was super excited to start getting super cheap or free products and be able to post cool pictures with a caption letting my friends know they can get a discount too if they use my special code.

Unfortunately, I set my hopes too high and they were crushed. First they offered me a thirty percent off coupon, which still left over 30 dollars that I would have to pay out of pocket just for a towel. When I never got back to them, they emailed me again with a forty percent off coupon, but I still wasn’t interested. Eventually I unsubscribed from the emails, and later that week two of my sorority sisters mentioned they were trying to be Instagram influencers for the same company. I just laughed and said good luck.

Sometimes being an Instagram influencer does pay off, for both the company and the endorser. Kylie Jenner, who has millions of followers, could easily boost a product and company’s presence by simply posting a picture. Obviously emerging companies cannot afford Kylie Jenner to endorse their product, but it is the same idea.

Many companies will reach out to colleges to hire student ambassadors. These ambassadors will market the company’s product to their friends and peers. Usually they will give away free products to their friends, such as Red Bull, so that they can have it to drink and us it instead of other competing products.

Digital Marketing and Social Media


It is important for companies to set aside a budget for social media and digital marketing. That way, if your company feels like they are not doing everything they can to have an online presence, you can hire companies to do the work for you. They will have lots of experience on how to naturally boost your following and keep you on good terms with social media platforms. Today it is not just Instagram that people are using as social media platforms but also Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, and so much more.

Sound confusing enough? The world is rapidly changing and social media is how people find products, purchase things, look at companies, and form opinions about businesses. Digital marketing seems to be the most important form of marketing. Get on social media, because the earlier the better and the sooner you can start to get your name out there.


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