Drug Addiction Stigma

What is the drug addiction stigma?

Drug Addiction Stigma Depression

            We often hear about the negative drug stigma that is a part of society. But what is it? And do you contribute to it?

            Drug addiction is seen as a negative mental illness, and many people believe that alcoholism is not a real disease. But reality is that addiction changes your brain, and does make you ill and vulnerable to many health conditions. People often shame and put guilt on those who have addictions, and therefore those with addiction are less and less likely to seek treatment. When they avoid treatment, it can lead to overdose and even death. The negative drug addiction stigma has lead us to believe that drug addicts are low class and poor, but anyone can become addicted to drugs. From a low class homeless man to a CEO, we are all at risk for substance abuse and addiction.

No more shame

No more shame Drug Addiction Emergency Room

            How do we get rid of this shame we throw on those with addiction? The first step is to stop blaming them for their addiction, and get educated. Once you know more about addiction you can teach others, help someone suffering, become an advocate for addiction, or even write to local government. Check out ideas and tips for helping end the shame of drug addiction, and encourage more people to seek treatment.

            Make sure that if you or a loved one is ever beginning to feel addicted to a substance, seek help immediately to get in front of the problem before it controls your life.


One thought on “Drug Addiction Stigma

  1. We never really understand why people who are addicted to substances do what they do. Sometimes we judge without knowing… ignorance. Everyone has their own path, and how can anyone really put their feet in another person’s shoes?

    Love what you have to say about stigma. We need to judge less and care more.

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