Common Street Drugs in Your Home

Common street drugs

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            Your doctor, your friends, your family, and the media all tell you to be on the lookout for common street drugs being used in your home. But how are we supposed to know if our child is talking, texting, or even tweeting about common street dugs, if we do not know the language and slang they use to describe them? Luckily, we are provided, through drug and alcohol treatment centers, lists of illegal drugs and their street names.

Drug and alcohol rehab center

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            If you ever suspect your child is using drugs, there are many symptoms and signs you can look for. They could have a sudden change in eating habits, their focus, their grades, and their interest in activities and hobbies. They could be acting very defensive and show a lack of communication. If you believe that your child fits the criteria for this, do not hesitate to contact a drug and alcohol rehab center for help. You want to get in front of the problem before your child winds up significantly harmed or even dead. Drug abuse can lead to significant brain damage.

Why my child?

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            You may be asking yourself what you did wrong as a parent to have a child be abusing drugs or alcohol. But the truth is, no one is immune to the perils of drug addiction. It can happen to people of any age, race, or gender. It can happen to people who are unemployed and it can happen to successful doctors and lawyers. The important thing is, there is help out there, and seeking professional help is the first step into getting your child sober and clean.

How it begins

            What makes someone become addicted to drugs? It can be a child wanting to fit in, or be popular. They could fall to peer pressure, or want to rebel against you. They could be using drugs or alcohol to rise the social ladder at school or with friends, or they could be wanting to escape their everyday lives. They also could be feeling bored, or depressed, or be competing with other classmates. There are so many ways and reasons behind a person getting addicted to drugs, and so many ways to find and get help.


            Provided below are five common street drugs and slang terms that may be used to describe them.

Adderall: Addy’s

Steroids: Roids, Juice

Codeine: Lean

Xanax: Bars, Xannies

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