Get a Smart House Today, Less Work Tomorrow

Smart Home Security

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            Eventually, the time comes in life where we need to figure out what to do about our home security. On one hand, we can opt for high security locks and bolts for our doors and get a guard dog. On the other hand, we can go full tech, and opt for smart home security.

            Some say that smart home security is too expensive. Some argue it is hard to set up, and can be easily taken out with power or Wi-Fi outages. The biggest concern among potential customers for smart home security is that it can be hacked. A recent study done by University of Michigan showed that there are many flaws and holes in smart home security, and a lock pick malware app can threaten a family’s safety.

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            If you make sure to choose a proper, well-educated trusted local locksmith company, you can be sure your family will be safe from harm. Constant updates to software and programing assures you that your home is security system is safe from hackers.

            A trusted local locksmith is a key factor in providing a safe home for you loved ones. Products such as the Amazon Echo, the Nest Learning Thermostat, and the WeMo insight Wi-Fi switch are all available, cheap on the market to help convenience your life.

            The Amazon Echo takes direct orders and also can control other smart devices around your home. My mother got Alexa, a form of the Amazon Echo for her birthday and she loves in. She uses it to hear about the weather, recent news, celebrity gossip, jokes, and so much more. I part I really like is the way you can talk to it when it is playing music and ask the artist, song title, album title, and also ask to turn it up or down or change to the next song. I am all about convenience and so is this device.

WeMo insight Wi-Fi is an advanced plug in which helps save power and analyze energy consumption. Nest learning thermostat is a power saving way to help cut costs, and also run diagnostics in your home.

Smart home security

            Imagine getting out of bed to a warm kitchen, coffee brewing and your favorite T.V. news station already broadcasting on your set. This is not a dream. This is your life if you choose to utilize Iot, or Internet of things. That is when all of your routines, like turning up the thermostat and turning on your coffee pot, are done without human interaction. Your apple watch senses that you wake up in the morning, your thermostat adjusts, and your preferred coffee and morning show are readily available to you. Less work at all times of the day.

            Smart home security is lightning fast, and completely hands free. It is also wireless and can be done at or away from home. I will absolutely one day invest in smart home security to ensure my safety as well as my loved ones.

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