Addiction in High Power Jobs

A typical junkie in the workplace

Close your eyes. Now, picture a typical run of the mill junkie. Most likely you have an image of a poor, unemployed, homeless man or woman. Now imagine a pilot, or a doctor. Imagine a business executive or a police officer. These people can be junkies too. No matter the circumstances, everyone is vulnerable to becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Those in high stress from work, full of deadline jobs are even more likely to become addicted to substances. Working in finance on Wall Street can make you as much as a junkie as the homeless man or woman you were picturing earlier. Luckily for many professionals, Rehab center in New York can lead them to private addiction treatment to get their life back on track.

Working professionals at risk for addiction

Who is the most at risk? A recent study shows that the top ten most stressful job professions of 2016 are enlisted military, firefighters, airline pilots, police officers, event coordinators, PR executives, senior executives, broadcasters, newspaper reporters, and taxi drivers. Stress in the workplace in turn leads to the risk of substance abuse. Stress that people are often plagued with comes from travel, deadlines, and other people’s lives being at risk, internal competition, growth aspirations, environmental conditions, physical demands, hazards faced, and interactions with the public.

Travel comes along with long hours, eating unhealthy, and the occasional partying. Deadlines creates stress, which can lead to excessive drinking, eating, drug use, and gambling. Internal competition can cause employees to turn against each other, and ruin jobs. These can all lead to even more stress in high demand jobs, which can lead to more addiction.

Employees who work over 48 hour per week are 11 times more likely to engage in risky drinking than those who do not. There is no question the toll that long hours and stressful situations have on the body and mind.

Is it remedy or abuse?

Glass of alcohol on the coach

How do we know that we have developed an actual problem? There are online tools such as assessments and quizzes that you can take to determine whether you have a problem, and how to get help. Luxury rehab treatment centers such as The Dunes East Hampton are catered to fit the needs of a high end professional. They know that these high power jobs can lead to alcohol abuse, prescription pain killer abuse, and much more types of addiction and abuse. They will help prevent and fix mistakes made that can lead to substantial harm or death. They can prevent you from having a further loss of job or reputation in the workforce due to your bad habits. They also can prevent you from getting your license to operate taken away. That is something that happens to many professions, and whether it be a medical license, or one to operate a plane or car, you may never be able to get it back. Drug and alcohol rehab centers are the key piece of the puzzle of putting your professional life back together after struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

In your workplace

Many workers such as salespersons and those in marking will use cocaine to stay awake, socialize, and get energy for the job. They need to be perky and upbeat, or they will lose customers and money. Even drugs such as ADHD medication is being abused in the office. There is also a lot of excessive drug use in the office to combat work stress. There are meetings with bosses and clients all day, and people need something to take the edge off. With peer pressure and the overall environment of a corporate world, you may be tempted to join in. The more money you make, the higher the pressure will be to perform well.

In my workplace

Business people that are at risk to addiction

I have chosen to be a reporter for a living after I graduate college, hopefully, in two years. What does this say for me? Well, having a set, short deadline on every single one of my projects surely will be stress inducing, as well will be meeting new and exciting people. Drugs and alcohol are going to be calling to me from every corner, and it is important I keep a brave strong face on, and know when to keep it professional.

Combat the stress

No one wants to become addicted to anything. So how do we go about making sure that we, our loved ones, our friends, our family, and our employees all maintain a drug free lifestyle? There are several methods for combating drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

Exercise. Make sure you are getting breaks often during the work day, and that you are getting active. Getting your blood flowing will help destress your mind and body, and keep you happy. Being outside will you give you a natural high and get your body healthy.

Sleep. Make sure you are not working long into the night, or getting up super early just to please your boss. Your body’s health is more important in the end. A good night’s sleep can help you get a head start on the day and make you less stressed overall.

Eat. Make sure that you are getting all three meals a day, and that you are getting a big breakfast. This will make your day easier and also improve your mood.

Laugh. Get a little humor in your day. Whether you read a funny article on the way to work or get a good joke in with your significant other, laughing with make you in turn happier to start the day, and you will have a better outlook on life.

Keep it out

Once you get alcohol and drug abuse out of your life, keep it out. With all the work stress that you can be getting from the workplace, make sure you have safe, healthy outlets for it, and know how to get help if you are ever struggling.





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