Drug Addiction Stigma

What is the drug addiction stigma?             We often hear about the negative drug stigma that is a part of society. But what is it? And do you contribute to it?             Drug addiction is seen as a negative mental illness, and many people believe that alcoholism is not a real disease. But reality is […]

Addicted to Xanax?

Alarming rates of being addicted to Xanax              Xanax is a prescription drug used by many to treat anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and many other conditions. Unfortunately, people are abusing these pills at a rapid rate. People are building a tolerance and then becoming addicted to Xanax and it is detrimental to their health. Often […]

Home locks and Security Hacks

Home Locks             Although you feel like you have employed efficient lock smith services, your mind still may not be at ease. Thankfully, there are several security hacks that you can learn to boost your home security and feel safer and more protected. Some examples of this are to get a home surveillance system, or […]

Drug and Alcohol Intervention

Co-dependency             Co-dependency can destroy relationships, and it can destroy lives. We think we will never do it, we will never enable the ones we love, but it is not that simple. Co-dependency can be done as easily as not wanting to have an intervention for your child because, “Mom/Dad knows best,” and you could […]

Anxiety Disorders

Mental health in the Mass             You’ve heard of the freshman 15. You know to avoid going out to eat for every meal and to get an occasional fruit and vegetable with your dining hall meal. What you might not be prepared for is keeping up your mental health. Anxiety can manifest itself in many […]