Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol as a Regulated Drug

 Alcohol bottle and glass

            As much as we may or may not like it, alcohol is a legal and regulated drug in the United States. What are some good things about this? First of all, it makes it a lot harder for young people to access it. All that they need is either a fake ID, or an adult or friend over the age of 21 to buy it for them. Also, when alcohol is regulated, the government can tax it and make money off of it. So in a way, both sides win. Alcohol is very common and there has been countless studies and research done on it. We do know how much alcohol is too much, what it does to us, and the long term effects of chronic abuse. Alcohol being illegal also fuels crime. By it being legal and regulated, there is less crime and people do not have to obtain it from illegal and sketchy sources.

            There are, of course, many downfalls to the fact that alcohol is a regulated and legal drug. It encourages people to drink because in a way, it normalizes it and makes it socially acceptable to drink in any social situation, and with any meal. Being legal, alcohol is also a lot easier for the average adult to obtain. In some areas, you can buy alcohol at any street corner store. This also encourages and fuels the rate of alcoholism. If you ever feel as though you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism, there are many forms of treatment available to help.

            The pros and cons of alcohol being legal and regulated almost equal out, and many people have different opinions on whether or not it should remain this way. We have tried prohibition once, but in the end, it seems best for everyone to keep alcohol legal and easily accessible.

Effects of Alcohol

Drinking alcohol and driving

            College students are at a time in their lives where they are being encouraged and pressured to drink at an extreme level. Everyone around them is drinking, and they want to be a part of the fun. Eighty-four percent of college students report consuming alcohol each year, and this has severe consequences that seem unknown to the average drinker. Alcohol addiction is a serious disease, and we need to know the signs. We also need to make sure that we know how to get sober. People will start to crave alcohol more and more, and soon become physically dependent on it if they use it too much. Binge drinking can lead to other serious problems. And binge drinking is not just drinking all day, it could also mean drinking at night or on the weekends, which majority of college students do. Excessive alcohol abuse can also lead to problems at school, work, or with family and friends. Chronic alcohol abuse leads to problems with your organs, cancer, illness, and disease. It can also lead to car accidents, injuries, and suicide. When a woman gets pregnant, she can cause severe harm to her child by drinking. Alcohol abuse can also lead to unsafe sex, depression, and high blood pressure.

Alcohol in College

Parting in college

            Why does drinking alcohol seem so normal in college? Sometimes we do it to relax or unwind, and sometimes we do it to feel more confident and more daring to talk to people. You can tell someone is starting to become an alcoholic if they begin to drink in the morning, drink alone, blacks out, gets a DUI or arrested by the police, or gets angry when you make a comment about their drinking. In college, alcohol has a positive stereotype, of letting you let loose and have fun. But it is important to take breaks, and never drink too much alcohol at one time. Fatal overdoses can lead to permeate brain damage, and you will never be able to drink again. Stay safe and drink responsibly.

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