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Exercise Addiction Therapy

Hike (working out) to recovery

Some people have tried time and time again to get sober, and have constantly failed. No matter how many times you go to rehab, sometimes the 12 step process is not the correct way for you to get clean.

What is your alternative to fighting addiction? How else can you find a safe and healthy easy to detox from substance abuse? Elevate Rehab, a center focused on healing the mind, body and spirit, has several options for becoming clean through exercise and physical fitness. Check out their website to get information on how they are interested in taking into consideration your whole body in this healing process.

Holistic Therapy

What exactly is holistic therapy? It is a use of alternative medicine and therapy in order to create an overall sense of well-being. Exercise is a large part of holistic treatment in the recovery process. Elevate Addiction Services has various sports, programs, and heart-rate increasing activities. Set on 28 acres of mountain property, you can relax and get the help you need. They encourage an atmosphere that will make you feel as though you are right back at summer camp with gymnastics, running, weightlifting, and much more. Check out this page to see more of what they offer, as well as blogs, success stories, a tour, and contact information.

Holistic care can create a euphoric feeling, increase your heart rate, and curb any negative withdrawal symptoms. It also regulates brain functions, builds up body’s defenses, and aids in releasing pent up emotions. In addition to this, it can also give you better sleep, heal your mind and body, destress, and help you get in shape at your own pace.

Physical Health

Peaceful Yoga in Norway during a hike

You may be asking, how does exercise therapy help with recovering from addiction? Exercise will release the chemicals in your brain that deal with your happiness, and when your exercise increases and you get your fitness up, your mood increases as well. Exercise douses your brain with dopamine, which in turn gets your mood up. If you exercise more often, you will release more of these happiness causing chemicals. By using drugs and alcohol, we are blocking the release of dopamine, which decreases our mood. Physical activity boosts these chemicals. Studies show that exercise and physical fitness can return dopamine levels to how they were before you began substance abuse. Exercise can also keep your mind busy, and off of drugs.

Exercise can be your way of working out into sobriety. Routine and regular exercise can be your key to getting clean.

Addiction Recovery

What are some other workout ideas for helping with recovering from addiction? Mindfulness, which means living in the moment, can bring you to a state of peace, and be extremely rewarding. Yoga is a practice that can restore balance in life, and increase your alertness and reactions. There is also body rejuvenation therapy, art and music therapy, massage therapy, aromatherapy, and adventure therapy. Exercise can give you a natural rush, and reduce the need to use drugs or alcohol.

In addition to those, there is also team sports, such as volleyball or basketball that can increase your recovery. Strength training, as well as obstacle courses, rock climbing walls, and rope courses can all be a part of addiction recovery. Being in shape can also boost your self-confidence, as well as self-esteem. There is also swimming, rowing, stationary biking, surfing, kickboxing, Pilates, and so much more. Get started today to get on the road to recovery.

Elevate wishes to curb not only drug and alcohol addiction, but curb any dependence on unnecessary medication that may serve as a crutch to real recovery. They believe that medication can mask or hide symptoms of true addiction. They want the patient to take responsibility for their own well-being, and achieve optimal health. With a combination of well-established and modern processes, they offer you only the best treatment to addiction recovery.

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  1. As a recovering addict I enjoyed reading your article. I was reading another article about music therapy for addicts and alcoholics that got me curious about this and had me do some more research.

    Should anyone else be interested to see how this would help others here’s the page I looked at:

    I’m hoping that maybe this can help touch someone else who is struggling with addiction and thinks music can help be an outlet to their recovery!

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