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Alcohol Assessment

            How do we know when we have a problem with drugs or alcohol? How do we know if a loved one has a problem? Thankfully, there are many assessments online that can help determine if you or someone you care about has developed dangerous drinking habits. If you look online for addiction help resources, you will be able to learn the true impact addiction has on multiple aspects of your life, such as your career, your finances, your friends and family, health and wellness, and cravings and more. These are all key categories to be analyzed when deciding if one has an alcohol or opiate addiction problem.

            In our career and finances, alcohol can take a humongous toll. Having employees and workers who struggle with substance abuse can lead to loss of productivity, more injuries and worker related accidents, and more worker illness and health care costs. Some indicators of alcohol being a serious effect on your work are, drinking before or during work hours, budgeting more and more money each month for alcohol, and being disciplined or fired at work for alcohol related issues.

            How does our drinking effect our friends, family, and other loved ones? Those with a substance abuse problem often hear pleas from their loved ones to stop, or cut back their drug and alcohol use. They frequently argue with their partner about their use of alcohol or drugs. They also may choose to drink alone rather than socialize, and may lie about their habits.

            We really never think about our short term or long term health when abusing drugs or alcohol. But in reality, it is one of the most effected aspects of our lives when dealing with substance abuse. Ask yourself, do I injure myself frequently when under the influence, or do I even injure others? Do I drink in response to strong emotions I am feeling such as anxiety or depression? Does my habit cause weight gain, a loss of energy, or change my sleeping habits? If so, it is important to seek help immediately, before your health is ruined for good.

            We all have cravings, and no matter what, we need to make sure we are in control of them, before they take control of us. A craving becomes abuse when you start to feel guilty, and feel like you are unable to stop. You need to seek help if you ever have tried to take a small break from alcohol use, and experienced body shakes, tremors, or even feel uncomfortable in the absence of alcohol.

Alcohol Online and the Cycle of Addiction  

                 There are many resources online that can help with your drug or alcohol addiction. With enough research, you can find information on the disease of addiction, how to get treatment, resources and strategies for dealing with problems without going to substances, speak to several specialists, and much more.

                 The cycle of addiction is never one that we want to be in, and we need to avoid it at all costs. With extremely taxing and demanding jobs, many turn to drugs or alcohol for some form of break from it all. Drugs are extremely habit forming, and once you start, it is hard to stop. A simple prescription for opium can one day lead to an overdose related death. What is seen at first as day-to-day use, quickly becomes you, an abuser, having a substance abuse problem. It can and it will take over your life. Get help before it is too late.

Jobs at Risk For Addiction

 Professional work place at risk for addiction.

                 You also need to know if your specific career is at a high risk for alcohol abuse. If it is, you need to be extra careful not to get sucked into the cycle of substance abuse and addiction. Those most at risk include, jobs involving labor such as garbage collection and farming, and also sailors, cooks, and painters. Musicians also are very vulnerable to drug and alcohol abuse. The number one job most likely to die of alcohol abuse is of course bartending. More than 9% of American workers currently abuse alcohol or drugs, and has a substance abuse problem.

                 With thousands of graduating student’s entering the workforce each year, it is important to educate them about the stress they will be facing in a fast- pace, high demanding job. This, in combination with any other life stress they may be facing, can lead to drug and alcohol abuse to cope with day to day life.

                 Why do some professions have a larger use of drugs and alcohol than others? Sometimes it is the stress and sometimes it is those that we are around and accessibility. What about those in extremely high paying positions? Some factors that increase drug and alcohol abuse include boredom, self-medication for mental illness, a desire to fit in, a reaction to some trauma, and stress and pain relief. Check the assessment above if you have more questions concerning your career and risks you may have.

                 I chose to be a journalist in my career. What does that mean for me? Taking a long look at my career so far, I can admit I see the temptations, especially when what you are reporting on can have such a devastating effect on your life. Reporters and editors are the number two job most at risk for alcohol related death. I hope that with all this, I know that the time can come for me to seek help, and I know how to do it.

Alcohol Rehab Center

 Woman doing yoga as holistic remedy for drug and alcohol recovery.

               If you decide on receiving treatment from a luxury rehab, you can expect only the best, high end treatment to help get your life back on a healthy, happy track.      

                 Rest assured that you will be surrounded in a luxurious environment that encourages kicking your drug habit. The addiction treatment specialists will help you recover. In this form of ultimate self-care, you can become empowered, create the life you deserve, become healthy and in control. You can expect high privacy and security, walking paths, nature trails, alternative treatments such as yoga and meditation, and so much more. Get on the track to a better life today.



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