Why the Buyer, Seller, and Realtor Need to Check the Locks

Home Locks

            Home security is something that we all need to think about at some point in our lives. Over 2 million homes in the United States report burglaries each year. Even in a safe neighborhood, we need to think about this stuff.  Several options are available for creating a safer more secure home. Whether you live alone, or have an entire family to protect, you should consider getting new locks when moving in, getting an alarm system, getting motion activated exterior lights, and maybe even getting a dog. Homes without a security system are 300% more likely of getting broken into than homes with one.

            Why is this important to a buyer, realtor, and seller to check the locks? Well, to show your home buyer and seller that you are the best, and know the most, make sure you tell them to check the locks. A seller can change the locks, or let the buyer know they will play to replace them once they move out. A buyer should be made aware that even though they made a safe purchase in a nice neighborhood, a home is broken into approximately every 13 seconds in the United States, and they do not want to be one of those homes.

Efficient Locksmith Services

            There is a chance that you and all parties involved do not really know anything about getting new locks. Or there is a chance you all think you are experts in locks, but either way it is important to contact an efficient locksmith from a repeatable service. Do you know if you want to rekey your current locks, or get new locks all together? Which is cheaper? Which is faster? Do you know the type and quality of your existing locks? Do you know the ANSI rating, the grade, or what situation the locks need to be used in? Making sure you have a locksmith who can answer all of these questions, is an important part of buying, or selling a home.

ABC Locksmith Clearwater

            ABC Locksmith, a locksmith company based in Clearwater Florida, is company that provides many locksmith services. They can answer questions about locks and alarm systems. They also have answers to all the previous questions asked above. Check out their blog here on why realtors should be concerned about locks.

Commercial Locksmith

            Commercial companies are one of the most important groups of people that need to make sure they change their locks after switching either owners, employees, or buildings. Businesses also may have disgruntled employees or customers, and you do not want them to vandalize the property.

Residential Locksmith

            For residential homes, you do not need as much security as a commercial building, but you still need to make sure you are safe. New locks on the market have things such as Bluetooth, keypad and touch screen systems, and RFID.

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