Choosing a Gun Safe to Keep Your Family Safe

Loaded barrel hand gun that needs to be in a gun safe.

Gun Safes

            The last thing we want in life is to become a part of another statistic, especially when it involves gun related accidents with children in the home. So, how do we go about avoiding this? The number one solution for preventing accidents in the home is buying a proper gun safe.

            What do we need to look for when purchasing a gun safe? First, take a look at how much you are willing to spend, and how much room you have. Are you planning on getting larger guns? If so, always opt for a larger safe. It is also better to use a larger safe because you never know if you are going to buy more guns in the future. Also keep in mind, the safe is also going to store any accessories you have for your guns, and any ammunition. The safe can also be used to store valuables such as jewelry, and photographs.

Locksmith Sarasota

            Locally in the past few years there has been several cases where gun safes could have prevented an accident. A few years back a third grader brought a gun to school that he found at his mother’s friend’s house. Luckily, administration was notified before anything drastic was done. He brought a loaded, .22 caliber pistol in his backpack to school. Having a gun safe in the home can prevent this kind of thing from happening. Choosing the proper gun safe will keep your family safe. Nationally, there has been tragedies every day in the news. In Arkansas, a four-year-old boy shot and killed a 29-year-old man after finding a gun inside. In Colorado, a two-year-old shot his three year old brother, when he found a gun by his mother’s bedside. Luckily in this case, the boy was only critically injured, and not killed. We do not ever want to be like one of these stories in the news, and obtaining and using a proper gun safe can prevent any future accidents.

            Make sure that you are choosing an experienced and trusted lock company. Companies such as Liberty Safe, Hamilton Safe, Fire King, and much more are several respected safe companies that are trustworthy enough to put your family’s lives in their hands.

Small Gun Safe

            Some choose to use a small gun safe instead. These are better for small hand guns, and are easily accessed in times such as a break in. When purchasing a gun safe, be aware of steel thickness, construction, country of origin, lock, and the type of dial. For a more in depth explanation of these categories, check out this link, on how to choose a truly safe gun safe.

Trusted Local Locksmith

            The most important part of choosing a safe for your guns, is doing lots of research on the safe itself, and the company you are buying it from. A local locksmith is best, because you know you are getting the best of the best. You can make sure that it was made in the US, with United States parts, as well as have a trusted employee to ask and answer any questions you may have.

            For more information on how to choose a quality gun safe, visit Locksmith Sarasota.

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  1. Thanks for all the great info everyone!

    I’ve tried the different combinations that everyone suggested, and my safe remains locked, unfortunately. I guess one of the previous owners of my coach had the # changed.

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