Health Stigmas: How to Deal with Them

We’ve all heard the term “health stigma” before. Mental health, sexual disorders, even cancer– they’ve been “stigmatized”. But what does that mean? These so-called “stigmas” are what experts call the common cultural beliefs that a disease or disorder indicates a negative trait about the sufferer, often incorrectly. For example, someone dealing with depression isn’t necessarily […]

Teenage Alcoholism

Teen mental health A deep desire to fit in resides inside all of us. Where would we be without our closest friends? Who would we confide in? Who would we laugh with? Who would we cry with? Who would we use as our team members on this journey called life? Teenagers are notoriously ruthless. Friend […]

Distracted Driving

This summer I made the decision to travel across the country on a one-month road trip from Maryland to California and back. I graduated from college in May, and after having five simultaneous internships during my last semester, I knew it was time for a much needed break. Family members and friends were constantly asking […]

Gender and Addiction

On October 5, 2017, the New York Times released a three-decade long investigation about Oscar-winning movie producer Harvey Weinstein. The investigation revealed that he was using his position of power to try and extort female actresses for sex in exchange for roles in his movies. If a woman refused, he would then threaten to destroy […]

Co-dependency and Addiction

Codependent relationship Dear Lauren,                 It has always just been my daughter and I. Her father passed away at a young age and after that I never had any other kids. My parents are not in my life, and my husband’s parents are out of the picture. My daughter is my everything. She is all […]

Mental Health Stigma

This past week I sat down and participated in a speaker event at my university. I decided it was important for me to go and show my support as a part of my Women and Gender Studies major. While this talk was centered on immigration, the topic of mental health came up quite frequently.                 […]

Addictive Personality

When a person is suffering from issues involving low self-esteem, they are often at a high risk to develop an addiction. A lack of confidence in one’s self usually is accompanied by other dangerous addictive personality traits. An individual who is self-conscious about their appearance may use dangerous drugs and other substances to try and […]

Phoenix Recovery Center

Doctors across the nation are recklessly prescribing dangerous, addictive, and harmful medications to patients without considering the consequences on the individual, their family, and the opioid crisis. I personally have been offered prescription pain medicine by several doctors simply by complaining about chronic or reoccurring pain. Of course, I know the dangerous effects that can […]